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Pregnancy symptoms... the hormones

What's happening with those crazy moods?

When it comes to the hormonal symptoms we face during pregnancy it’s tricky because everyone is different. Some people notice no change and others seem to change personality entirely.

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The journey of a yogi's hands

I’ve been very lucky over the last few weeks, just to spend time with a whole variety of yogis at all stages on their journey.

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Diving in deep

Exploring the depths of the ocean through asana

This is the third week where I’ve been really focused on the element of water. 

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Yoga for birth preparation

Some thoughts on birth preparation workshops

I'm taking a break from the symptoms of pregnancy because my main focus this week has been planning a birth preparation workshop for some students and their partners reaching the end of their pregnancy.

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A big turning point

A reflection on what turned out to be one of my biggest weekends

When I went on my first yoga retreat it was during a topsy turvey time and I got to the point at which I thought, "I just have to get out of this situation for a few days".

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Talking symptoms

A closer look at some of the things you might face

It’s a little bit inevitable that when you’re pregnant you’re going to suffer some symptoms.

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A little contemplation on the process of yoga

Some days you feel like you're not getting anywhere, that's ok

I’m endlessly fascinated by this circular process which I seem to be on when it comes to my yoga practice.

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