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Embracing our creative power

A history of feminine power and how it manifests itself in pregnancy

I had a really interesting conversation yesterday about the role of masculinity and femininity in our society.

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Ayurveda Pura product review

A review on some products by Ayurveda Pura

I tried the Chyawanprash and a selection herbal teas for pitta and kapha doshas.

Posted in 2013


How to meditate

A visual guide of how to get that monkey mind in the meditation groove

Posted in 2013


How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Your Pregnancy

A special guest blog from Jonathon Harrelson

Keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy can have a lot of benefits, for both you and your baby.

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Monkey business

Remembering that everything is breath

I got a reminder of my favourite little monkey yesterday, well, favourite aside from my nephews.

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Taking a moment to pause

Remembering to remember our highest intentions

I’ve been reminded recently to see the highest in all of my endeavours.

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Balancing on the precipice

And deciding when to let go

This week I finally got to see and enjoy some sunshine. I think that since we’ve had such a long winter there’s almost a lack of belief that we’re ever going to see the sun again.

Posted in 2013

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