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Pregnancy yoga blog now starting!

I'll be building a selection of resources to support you throughout your pregnancy and early motherhood

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Four more sleeps!

Full of being right here, right now

I heard a teacher once say “you can’t force the lotus”. I believe with certainty that one of the reasons that reasons I was not so gently guided into the yoga world was to deal with my not to small impatience issue.

Posted in 2013


Ditching some junk

Time to get rid of some stuff I've been clutching to

With the coming of spring (finally) so too has come a fresh burst of energy and inspiration and boy, am I happy about that!

Posted in 2013


Desperately seeking balance

Refining yoga to its essence

This week I was asked to do a ten minute yoga taster session.

Posted in 2013


Peering through the dust

That awkward moment

It is said that the Bhagavad Gita sits towards the end of the great Indian Epic, The Mahabharata, as its penultimate chapter.

Posted in 2013


Cosmic Dancer

Dancing on the wave of the breath

Every so often a new level of breath reveals itself during my practice, usually in asana, when my body is moving and I’m truly aware of my body in space.

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Sweet presents, sorry, presence

Taking a new look at the journey and a moment to enjoy

I’ve been struck recently by a practice in which we go deep inside and listen to the tiny adjustments which are bodies are craving and trusting that intuition.

Posted in 2013

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