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How To Lower Your Stress By Changing Your Diet & Lifestyle

Stress will affect most of us at some point, as the pace of modern life continues to get faster and pressures from work increase

A guest post was written by Jesse Andrews, a nutrition expert who works for Seven Seas

Posted in 2014


Elevating your backbend practice Part 2

The second part in a three part series to advance your backbend practice

What do you need to elevate your backbend practice? A couple of things, here's the first one...

Posted in 2014


Elevating your backbend practice Part 1

The first part in a three part series to advance your backbend practice

Why would we want an advanced backbend practice, here are some thoughts.

Posted in 2014


Characteristics... the organised one

Using our natural instinct to organise and then letting it be

Characteristics... the organised one
I think most women recognise the need to plan and organise things.

Posted in Pregnancy blog


The L word... or the B word...

It's that time of the year when the hearts and flowers come out

The L word... or the B word...

It's almost impossible as a yoga teacher to teach in a week which ends with Valentine's day without mentioning the L word.

Posted in 2014


Opening sequence

Some poses and tips to get you started

It's hard to remember everything at first so here's a sequence to get you started.

Posted in Beginning yoga


Indra's net... reflections

Some more contemplations on the concept of Indra's net

Indra's net... reflections

A little recap of that quote on Indra’s net from last week by Alan Watt

Posted in 2014

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