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Divine playtime

Finding and playing with my inner child

Posted in 2011


Honouring the past, welcoming the future

Shunting ourselves out of our ruts

In yoga we have these things called Samskaras. They're like grooves in the body that we default to when under stress, kinda like being stuck in a rut.

Posted in 2011


Spinning the wheels...

Starting the journey through the Chakras

Spinning the wheels...
Over the next few weeks I'm going to be taking a journey through the chakras. It's a journey I've taken before, yet with each review more is revealed in this very ancient wisdom.

Posted in 2012


Shakti Sistas are go!

Announcing my new collaboration for 2013

It's been building for a while and at long last I'm stoked to announce the birth of the Shakti Sistas. Now, let's get one thing clear: I have a lot of Shakti Sistas, and bothers, mothers, fathers and every relation inbetween of the Shakti persuasion

Posted in 2012


The name's hero, super hero

Contemplating just how miraculous we can be

I saw this cute picture last week of two window cleaners, halfway up the side of a children's hospital, cleaning the windows.

Posted in 2012


Sewing the seeds

As we enter what I affectionately

Sewing the seeds
As we enter what I affectionately refer to as “vata season” I find the need to tune in and really listen to what my body is telling me, as opposed to what I would do BYE (Before Yoga Era): become erratic, run around and not focus on anything in particular.

Posted in 2012

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