Dancing Diwali

Celebrating the festival of light

Yesterday’s workshop with Chris Chavez was super awesome and fun. There’s a whole load there on what he taught and why it was great but that’s for you to go and check out with him :). What I got from it is what I wanted to explore.

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Enjoying the journey, no matter what

I’m feeling an enormous amount of gratitude at the moment. I find myself pinching myself regularly just to check in with my life and where it could be had I not stepped on to this incredible path.

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Divine playtime

Finding and playing with my inner child

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Honouring the past, welcoming the future

Shunting ourselves out of our ruts

In yoga we have these things called Samskaras. They're like grooves in the body that we default to when under stress, kinda like being stuck in a rut.

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Taking time out to meditate

I gladly got back on the meditation cushion this week. It’s a bit like when you don’t do something for a while and you realise the cobwebs have started to gather a little.

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Guest Blog: Yoga and Its Global Reach

I'm delighted to welcome Allie Brookes as a guest blogger

Yoga is all about community so I'm delighted to introduce a new guest blogger Allie Brooks currently lives in Florida and has just graduated from University of Mississippi, with a degree in biomedical anthropology. She is studying in the field to finish an ethnography on the effects of biomedicalization on Bolivian cultures.

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The play of Lila

Finishing off the triad

My last word in my series of three is joy. It’s that time of year, there’s a lot of it around. It’s pretty common for me to get caught up in the detail and really lose sight of I’m doing stuff in the first place.

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