Yoga and Cancer

I'm delighted to offer this guest blog on how yoga can help with cancer sufferers...

While healthy individuals may practice yoga for fitness, mental clarity or emotional well-being, cancer patients may turn to gentle yoga classes as a form of therapy.

Posted in 2012


Give Love

MC Yogi's Give Love

Posted in 2012


Balancing on the paradox

Living with contradictions

The 12 segments of the Zodiac keep turning and we find ourselves deep within the Cancerian section of the zodiac.

Posted in 2012


Hidden gifts

Hanuman is one of my favourite deities. He’s the monkey god, the gods are reflections of ourselves so it’s not that surprising I’m drawn towards the monkey man.

Posted in 2012



A new six weekly cycle

My teaching has taken an interesting turn of late and moved into a rhythm of six weekly cycles. The cycle just gone has all been about the different elements in nature which we align with when we come to our practice. The next series is inspired by my great friend.

Posted in 2012


Give yourself some space

Moving the the mahabhuts

I’m approaching the end of my series on the five elements: space. The final frontier. Apologies, I couldn’t resist.

Posted in 2012


I'm on fire!

Giving some fire to our passion

Moving through the elements we get to fire. I’m generally a pretty fiery person which is good most of the time. However, if I’m not careful I get burnt out. Quite literally. Fire does that, it can be destructive or it can be a way to bring about change.

Posted in 2012

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