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Talking about the five elements

This week is all about the water element. It’s fun to think of our asana practice in terms of how we relate to each of the five elements, it gives us a totally different perspective on these poses we do all the time.

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Let go...

Sometimes you just have to release something for something else to arise

There are some times in life when it all becomes a little bit overwhelming. When the list of things to do or things to worry about becomes so much that there’s nothing for it but to throw everything into the air and pray that something comes in to help you out. The thing is, it does.

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Twisting the night away...

Bringing twists into your practice for a bit of spring cleaning

It’s around this time of year when go home and my mum has turned the house upside down. Dust, vacuum, stuff, everywhere. Oh yes, it’s spring cleaning time. I have to say, I’m not quite as diligent as my mum.

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Up above the streets and houses...

Taking please in the miracles of nature

I had my haircut last weekend. That’s not a cue for lots of compliments about my hair, although, please feel free to compliment my hair.

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Yes, spring time!

Remembering my dear friend and shining soul

I’ve been hanging out with my meditation cushion a lot of late. Here’s what I’ve been practicing in honour of my friend who’s no longer with us.

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It is Valentine's day this week...

I’ve read a lot of letters this week. This is my letter, my love letter to yoga

My love letter to yoga.

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Sweet patience

Getting reinspired by my yoga practice

I’ve done a lot of yoga this year. Yes, I’m aware it’s only February. However, I think it’s fair to say 65 hours is a lot of practice. I count, don’t ask, I do.

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