Be the star you are!

Becoming all that you were ever meant to be and all that you are

London is dark. It’s raining. So how come I feel like a seed reverberating underground, ready to shoot forth new green shoots?

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“Ouch! It really hurts when I do that...”

How many times have we all said or heard that?

I think most of us get physical injuries at some point, sometimes on the mat, sometimes off it. However ‘good’ you are at yoga asana, however strong/flexible/experienced you are, there’s gonna be a time (or several times!) when something goes twang in your practice or in your life and it hurts.

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The end... the beginning

Not another new year post

I’ve been a bit shy this week about writing a blog this week. It’s because there are like a million out there advising new starts, resolutions etc. etc. Not that I have a problem with that at all, it always great to know when deep in your heart that you want to make a change and to commit to that.

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Out of the bubble

Reflections on my latest teacher training

I’ve just come back from teacher training, again. It was so much fun. No matter how much training I do there’s always something new to learn.

Posted in 2012

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