Having a break

Taking some time in amongst all the craziness

breatheAs we draw towards the end of the year it feels almost as if we’re in this flurry of final activity before we can actually sit down and relax. Personally this flurry has become somewhat of a frenzy which is not at all what I had in mind!

So really, what to do when your mat seems a long a way away and yoga a distant memory? My number one lesson on this is not to beat myself up about it. Our practice waxes and wanes like the moon, it’s meant to. If we got to practice every day in a little sanitised box, ticking off asanas as we went, what would we learn?

Also, who says what yoga practice is and what it isn’t anyway? Not reacting half as much as I used to is yoga in my book. Listening to what my body needs and responding to it too.

That said, it’s completely delicious when you do get to stretch again, like a big warm jumper you hide in while there’s a gale blowing outside.

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