Shakti Sistas are go!

Announcing my new collaboration for 2013

DSC 0208It's been building for a while and at long last I'm stoked to announce the birth of the Shakti Sistas. Now, let's get one thing clear: I have a lot of Shakti Sistas, and bothers, mothers, fathers and every relation inbetween of the Shakti persuasion.... It's a fun group of people I know. And who knows where this partnership between will go, right now it's us, we're looking for recruits.

I'd like to say there was a vision brought unto us as part of some kind of group Dyanic experience. There wasn't, this is what happened: My friend, Claire and I had a conversation along the lines of:

Claire: Let's teach a workshop
Adele: Yeah, like totes, let's teach inversions
Claire: OMG yeah, let's do it

So cut to three months later to this conversation, just after our Heels Over Head playshop:

Adele: Dude, that was really fun
Claire: Yeah man, let's do it again
Adele: Done deal

OK, it might have been a little more measured and a little less High School Musical. You get the gist.

Sometimes life is that simple. That's Lila, divine consciousness at play, which was great for our Heels over Head Playshop. Sometimes life rises up to meet you without any need for grasping or control. Which is a direct quote from my Sankalpa, intention, when I set it in the summer time. Which is handy since that the subject of our first event as the Shakti Sistas, a one Sub-Urban retreat in the new year - Set aside your expectations, set alight your dreams.

Join us, it's gonna be like totes amazeballs.

To book your space, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please be quick, place are already going...)

And please join out Facebook group to join the Goddess revolution and be the first to hear what's happening!

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