A big turning point

A reflection on what turned out to be one of my biggest weekends

When I went on my first yoga retreat it was during a topsy turvey time and I got to the point at which I thought, "I just have to get out of this situation for a few days".

Posted in 2013


When the fit hits the shan

What happens when it all goes a bit pear shaped

I’ve spent a bit of time this week thinking about what happens when things go wrong. Because inevitably they will do.

Posted in 2013


A little contemplation on the process of yoga

Some days you feel like you're not getting anywhere, that's ok

I’m endlessly fascinated by this circular process which I seem to be on when it comes to my yoga practice.

Posted in 2013


A question answered in part

A brief history of why I got into teaching yoga

I was asked this week how I got into teaching yoga.

Posted in 2013


Ayurveda Pura product review

A review on some products by Ayurveda Pura

I tried the Chyawanprash and a selection herbal teas for pitta and kapha doshas.

Posted in 2013


How to meditate

A visual guide of how to get that monkey mind in the meditation groove

Posted in 2013


Monkey business

Remembering that everything is breath

I got a reminder of my favourite little monkey yesterday, well, favourite aside from my nephews.

Posted in 2013

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