A question of royalty

A bit more on the Bhagavad Gita its discussion of raja yoga

CrownRaja yoga or royal yoga is a concept brought up in the Bhagavad Gita and one which can be tricky in our culture, especially when you come from a culture which still has a monarchy.

I my view Krishna is coming from the perspective of the caste system. Where things are laid out in a hierarchical perspective. That there is a natural order to like and a clear role for each person to play. This comes back to the role of dharma, that everyone is living their life 100% according to who they are. Without the restraints of aspiring to be someone they are not. That they are just living and playing their role in the best way that they can and at the same time knowing that it's ultimately all work to move closer to their source.

I would say that value, sovereignty, and virtue can be applied to a wider audience. That can move up and down the caste system and each person can build towards these virtues. They are virtues that every person can bring to their life, no matter what they do. As Ram Dass says, they're busy being the road sweeper, the doctor, the technician, whatever to the best of their abilities and not worrying about what the universe has decided for them.

Posted in 2013

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