Yoga: you is doing it wrong... huh?

Is there a right and wrong in yoga?

facebook-you-are-doing-it-wrongThis week my thoughts have turned towards a question I hear a lot in yoga class: “am I doing this right?” It brings a smile to my face because it reminds me of internet pictures such as the one shown!

The idea that we are doing something right or wrong is super limiting in my view and I’m really not about limiting myself. If you paint the world in black and white how are you ever going to see the rainbow?

Sure, the counterpose is that we want to be doing yoga in our 80s so it’s expedient to take care of our body in the way that we care for it both on and off our mats. What I’m offering are two ideas.

Firstly, that the answer is already within us. The skill of yoga is to listen to our intuition and gather more ability to know where are boundary is.

We then get the opportunity to decide where we want to evolve on any given day. Because the truth is, poses are a creative force in any given moment, they evolve continuously. Which, for me, really is the joy.

Posted in 2013

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