Facing up to some stuff

Using life and the practice and practice and life for greater awareness

Sirsana III’ve been working a lot recently with one of my skeletons, anger. I don’t really consider myself an angry person, I guess in some ways it’s the opposite - I’ll deny that feeling within myself until someone or something forces it out of me.

The biggest transition for me was to actually begin to articulate what made me mad before “red Adele” erupted. Just owning up that I disagree with people sometimes has created a much more balanced view for me of what’s going on. Then I just allow myself to feel it and figure out what it’s really about.

I suppose my biggest lesson in all of this is that all of that stuff which I thought I’d buried is still there. And that’s a blessing because it means I always have something to work with. 

It also has definitely meant that I’m well up for approaching those asana which I shied away from before, that I’m ready to face them and use them to figure out what’s really going on.

Posted in 2013

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