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practiceWhat I’ve learnt most of all after years of self practice is that it’s never the same. I remember when I first found a teacher who inspired me to get out of bed early enough to make it to a 7:30am class. That inspiration also spread to getting me up early enough to roll out my mat at home.
The question is what I used to do in those early days. Honestly, the answer is what I felt like, the poses I enjoyed the most and the flows I could remember from class. I did what I needed to help me feel better than when I woke up. Over time, this became more dogmatic and I got into the minutiae of what I should be doing as a dedicated student and teacher of yoga. It’s particularly pertinent at this time when I feel like we want to set ourselves goals and resolutions for the new year. I’m all for the that, the problem is that it sometimes blocks off our creativity.

Now I head for somewhere inbetween. I love to rotate different sequences: backbends, inversions, restoratives, arm balances throughout the week but I’m not tied to them if I feel like I want to do something different or life gets in the way, or my teacher asks us to practice certain things. I feel like if I’m on my mat, I’m honouring the practice, my students and myself. 

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