Layering on the contrast

Finding a sense of stillness in the craziness

5983981845 b2305fe9ca bI’ve recently been in Istanbul which was an incredible experience in so many ways. However, the one thing I’m left with as an overriding theme is the contrast. There is so much which pulls you off centre in a place which is noisy, smelly, crowded, hot, beautiful, welcoming and constantly moving all at the same time. It is contradiction on top of contradiction. It was almost unbelievable!

This is what is happening all the time. And when you start to practice yoga it’s almost as if it starts to happen more, that’s because you’re now noticing things you weren’t noticing. So the play is how we maintain our centre without shutting out the world and missing out on the beauty.

It’s a tricky one, any yoga pose is really only designed to take you off balance. It’s a little crazy to think of it that way but it’s true. We deliberately move ourselves away from our comfort zone to experience something different. Why? Simply because that way we have contrast, we have something to compare the inner stillness to and we can know it more fully and that's a sweet place ot be.

Posted in 2013

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