Peeling back the cloaks

A bit more on the Bhagavad Gita and how it applies to our every day life

open bookFor my own purposes, I like to define the purpose of yoga tapping into a universal consciousness, the spirit or energy which courses through all of us and connects us irrefutably. 

Everything is connected then even though we may cloak ourselves and come up with all kinds of differentiators for all kinds of reasons. Most of that stuff just leads us away from what we know to be true, why we got into yoga in the first place.

We don't notice most of the time because we're not meant to. Part of the path towards understanding is not understanding. How could it be any other way? You cannot know one without the other. Also, we cannot know it all in one hit, as Arjuna found out, we simply aren't strong enough to take that realisation. That's why we invent all of these cloaks, to protect ourselves. However, we already have enough without inventing more for ourselves. The practices of yoga is to gently allows those cloaks to fall away when they are ready.

Posted in 2013

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