Separation anxiety

Reconciling my cultural beliefs with my authentic self

Adele Yoga in Rickmansworth, Watford and High WycombeIt gets a bit sticky for me when we start talking about dual and non-dual systems because what feels true to me and my cultural background can feel at odds. Culturally I was brought up to believe that we are separate from the divine and therefore, lacking. The second, the one which Krishna expresses in the Bhagavad Gita is that we are already part of the divine and can become it at any time. The only question is whether we're ready for it. The only question is, can we leave all of our baggage at the door and simply allow ourselves to become one.

The play is to be able to stay steady in our world. With our dharma, duty, everything that we need to do and is being asked of us and be present. At the same time, knowing that ultimately the path is already defined for us, the path has already been laid out and the only thing we have to do is trust it. Once we stop fighting against this, all of the anxiety drops away and we simply are living our lives, acting out our dharma as it was always meant to be.

Posted in 2013

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