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spotlight begineersI’ve been moved over the last couple of weeks by the yoga demonstrations in Gezi Park, if you haven’t seen them, check it out: Elephant Journal and Chicago Tribune.

It seems like such a crazy thing to do. If yoga is all about getting calm and chilled out why on earth would you do it in a park where there’s so much noise and distraction that the teacher has to shout instructions through a megaphone. Frankly, it’s nuts.

So here’s the thing. No matter where you are, even if you’re in a cave in the Himalayas there will always be noise, you’ll always be distracted whether it’s externally or internally. And the yoga is in not pushing that away or trying to shut it out but opening and honestly accept that it’s always going to be there. Then we move through a process of working through exactly where those fluctuations are coming from, what created them and why are we still hanging on to them. There is courage in stepping up to that and facing what’s going on without hesitation or judgment.

Maybe as much as throwing a pose at the same time as dodging a missile.

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