The explosion expectation

Accepting with humility and gratitude the gifts we're given

170576574 91e22ba3d6 bI suppose anyone who lives in this moment in time thinks that at some point there’ll be an explosion of consciousness, we live in a world of instant gratification and we expect to get what we want immediately and most of the time we do. I think it would be inauthenic to pretend that we are any other way. However, when it comes to studying and the practice of yoga it has very, very rarely been my experience. Infact, I can think of it happening only once. For the rest, it's been very much a gentle pull which I've never been quite able to understand which simmers in the background continuously.

Clearly, a huge hit is going to be a profound experience and will keep you inspired for a long time. I believe, in particular at a time when things are delivered to us almost the moment we think of them that this intangible, opaque relationship with the divine keeps us intrigued, draws us in and makes us curious. It's the teaching today that we really can't take it all in so we get drip fed little bits when we're ready to receive them.

Posted in 2013

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