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Contemplating the nature of love

spotlight begineersLove or Bhakti is something which crops up a lot in yoga circles and especially in the Bhagavad Gita. It’s also often translated as devotion and everything can sound pretty esoteric in the those terms. However, when we are coming from a place which is quite simply loving devotion then our priorities arise and decisions are made from a place of purest truth and love. I suppose it isn't exactly necessary to have this clarity in life over than if we want to get closer to spirit. If you wish to create your own drama and your own story then that's completely fine. In my view, what Krishna is saying in the Bhagavad Gita is that this will be a distraction ultimately towards finding connection with our true nature.

It all really depends on how you define love. If you define it as a sentimental idea, then that is different than from my understanding if Bhakti which is the deepest, widest essence of love. If you see love in those terms then you realise that's what you are at your purest essence this love and so is everybody else. That changes everything, keeps you clear and allows your decisions to arise.

Posted in 2013

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