What does it mean to be here now anyway?

Exploring being in the present moment

cupofteaI have been reminded recently, again, of the idea of urgency. You’ll here the idea of “now” a lot in yoga circles, being in the present moment, resting in the now etc. For me that could mean just hanging back and enjoying the sunset type activity. Maybe if we just hang out in this moment everything will be cool.

As always, yoga is about balance. We put in our best effort just to let it go. We bust out a sweat on our yoga mat so we can totally chill in savasana. We coerce ourselves onto our meditation cushion so we can clean up our thinking a little bit.

Which brings me back to this idea of urgency. When you’re in the moment, how are we in it. My suggestion would be, completely, 100% “in it”, without any distractions. The skill is then in learning when to let it go, let it percolate and for something bigger to take over. We move in and out of this pulsation all the time.

Just to prove the point, now I’ve finished this I’m going to enjoy a cup of tea.

Posted in 2013

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