Thanks for all the yoga!... My gratitude practice

A series of contemplations around the nature and practice of gratitude

Thanksforalltheyoga6My contemplations around gratitude as I prepare for a very special event for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and offer my thanks to everyone who’s supported me on and off the mat over the last few years.

Father Ted once told Father Dougal there are many ways to praise God. To which Father Dougal replied “yes, like that time you told me you could praise God just by leaving the room”. Father Ted’s response of course being “Ah yes, that was a good one”.

Yogis also tell us there are many ways to practice yoga. All that is really needed it for it to come from the heart, the place of deepest meaning and greatest truth within ourselves.

I have my own gratitude meditation, it goes like this:

  • Take your meditation seat, whatever that is and set your timer for however long you can
  • Take three breaths through your nose and out through your mouth
  • Settle into your natural rhythm of breath
  • Move through the different segments of your life in turn, considering where you’re grateful in each:
    • Body
    • Mind
    • Spirit
    • Health
    • Close relationships
    • Less familiar relationships
    • Connection with people you don’t know

At each one, you’ll probably find a lot more in there than you expected. You’ll also notice that it starts from within us and then moves out to others. This is important, when we can regonise the greatness in ourselves we can recognise the great in others.


Posted in 2014

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