Thanks for all the yoga!... Thank YOU

A series of contemplations around the nature and practice of gratitude

Thanksforalltheyoga3My contemplations around gratitude as I prepare for a very special event for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and offer my thanks to everyone who’s supported me on and off the mat over the last few years.
I often consider how amazing human beings of. Living with another being growing inside of me is a daily reminder of how incredible our bodies are but also by the power of our minds and perseverance of spirit.

Pregnant or not our bodies do amazing things in every single moment. Millions of processes creating, maintaining and destroying in our cells to keep us moving and growing, to keep us doing what we’re destined to do.

The huge complexity of our minds, analysing, receiving a plethora of information and assessing the world around us and making sense of it in the blink of an eye.

The spark which drives us to get up every day and do what we need to do. To do it because we know it’s the right thing and we’ll not rest in our endeavours. The determination and endurance of the human spirit never ceases to astound me.

And above all of this, how they are one. They don’t live in isolation they are combining and weaving into themselves to create something extraordinary. You.


Posted in 2014

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