The L word... or the B word...

It's that time of the year when the hearts and flowers come out

HeartIt's almost impossible as a yoga teacher to teach in a week which ends with Valentine's day without mentioning the L word. I'm certain it's entirely my hang up but I'm not particulary fond of using the word, I prefer the Sanskrit - Bhakti. Literally tomes have been written about Bhakti and one of my philosophy professor's Bill Mahoney describes it as the widest and deepest force in the universe. Literally it is capable of teaching through the darkness and hatred which sometimes we might feel lost in or surrounded by. That's why I use Bhakti, love doesn't quite do that expression justice. As I was contemplating the idea that we find this force truly in all of the relationships we have: our family, our loved ones, our children, our friends, even our relationship with ourselves. We experience such a gradation of love between these relationships and within each one themselves it brings to mind for me a sort of reverse prism. As each of those gradations are pulled together back to the prism, or physically what I would posit as the power centre of focal point of energy that we draw into. That prism shifts it into the purest, white light that moves through time and space as the fastest object we know. So when we practice yoga. When we move from one pose to another. Or we're given any kind of adjustment, prop or alignment instruction what we're doing is pulling ourself back into that prism so that we are clear, bright and oh so powerful.

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