Thanks for all the yoga!... The power of gratitude

A series of contemplations around the nature and practice of gratitude

Thanksforalltheyoga4My contemplations around gratitude as I prepare for a very special event for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and offer my thanks to everyone who’s supported me on and off the mat over the last few years.
Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful. Sometimes the so-called gift we’ve been offered doesn’t feel like a gift. It feels like a huge obstacle placed in our path that we wouldn’t give to our worst enemy.
Yet, often when we track back through our experience and notice those huge blocks, which were seemingly insurmountable, there’s a very definite path of discovery. I believe we’re given these obstacles for a reason and when I look back at my own personal set of hurdles it’s clear that they lead me on a trajectory which I could not have mapped for myself which has ultimately lead me to where I am now.

Each of these challenges shape and form us because they’re what we need to grow. Growth isn’t always easy, it’s a struggle, it’s standing up when nobody else will, it’s leading from your deepest wisdom regardless of anyone else. It’s inspiring, it’s messy, it’s struggle. That’s why we have the tools yoga gives us because sometimes the universe demands us to hack and fight our evolution.


Posted in 2014

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