Welcome back, we missed you!

No matter what you do, where you go or how unfaithful you may be yoga will always be there for you

sunshineAs we return from the Christmas break, like moles rubbing our eyes at the sunlight our attention is drawn back to our yoga practice. Or perhaps, lack of it. It happens to everyone, we suddenly realise we haven’t done any yoga for several weeks and find ourselves wondering how on earth that happened.

First, it’s ok, I have had this realisation many, many times and many more to come no doubt. The good news is, yoga is loyal. It will always be there, no matter how many times we abandon it, for however long. It will be ready and waiting for us, just where we left it, underneath the yoga mat shoved in the corner most likely.

Saying that, my practice has been the opposite of late. One in which I can’t wait to get on my mat and see what’s happening. One in which everything feels like it’s expanding in a glorious wave of open hearted energy. Poses appearing in ways they never did before, new poses revealing themselves. I’m very grateful.

Either way, just enjoy it. Enjoy the feeling of freedom, enjoy your hamstrings welcoming you back to your mat. It’s all part of the practice. 

Posted in 2014

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