Thanks for all the yoga!... What’s in a Namaste anyway?

A series of contemplations around the nature and practice of gratitude

Thanksforalltheyoga1My contemplations around gratitude as I prepare for a very special event for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and offer my thanks to everyone who’s supported me on and off the mat over the last few years.

I always end my yoga practice and classes with the Sanskrit word, Namaste, I’m not unique in this. It’s a tradition, a symbolic offering of something potent and full of meaning held in the rhythmic beat of three little syllables.

When we say Namaste we are really saying that the highest part of my being honours the highest part of your being. We are creating an indelible connection between one heart and another. We are thanking others for showing up to be with us or thanking ourselves for rolling out our yoga mats and showing up to do our practice.

If yoga is all about union then the word Namaste, I bow to you, is one such link. Not just in that moment to the people in that moment but also a link to everyone around the planet who ever has, is or ever will offer humble thanks to another person, themselves or any of the gifts they have been offered. It’s so simple. And so powerful.


Posted in 2014

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