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Characteristics... finding balance

We're always being pulled off balance, especially when we're pregnant

Characteristics... finding balance
I often return to the idea of balance as something which often yoga boils down to.

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Characteristics... enough is enough

What happens when you feel like the only one who's overwhelmed?

I'm just going to say it - being pregnant and having children often fills us with a great deal of anxiety.

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Characteristics... blurring around the edges

How can we let go of the control just a little bit?

As I mentioned last week, for my pregnancy classes I like to focus on different characteristics in we females which tend to get accentuated or need a bit of help to come out when we’re pregnant.

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Exploring all parts of ourself

Riding the waves of our personality during pregnancy

I like to spend a few weeks focusing on a different energies during my pregnancy yoga classes, so I felt like I wanted to share these here for the next few blogs.

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Pregnancy symptoms... space

My last word on the symptoms of pregnancy, for now, is fairly simple - space.

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A nod to your amazing body

Giving your body a hand to find balance every day

Your body is a pretty amazing machine on a normal day, it will take what you give it day after day, year after year without a lot of complaint.

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More on hormones...

The physical effects of pregnancy hormones on your body

Back to the discussion on what’s happening physically when your body is rushing around producing all kinds of hormones.

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