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Pregnancy symptoms... the hormones

What's happening with those crazy moods?

When it comes to the hormonal symptoms we face during pregnancy it’s tricky because everyone is different. Some people notice no change and others seem to change personality entirely.

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Yoga for birth preparation

Some thoughts on birth preparation workshops

I'm taking a break from the symptoms of pregnancy because my main focus this week has been planning a birth preparation workshop for some students and their partners reaching the end of their pregnancy.

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Talking symptoms

A closer look at some of the things you might face

It’s a little bit inevitable that when you’re pregnant you’re going to suffer some symptoms.

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Embracing our creative power

A history of feminine power and how it manifests itself in pregnancy

I had a really interesting conversation yesterday about the role of masculinity and femininity in our society.

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A baby flow

Some flowing movements to release tension

I’ve always loved flowing through my yoga practices and for pregnant women this can feel really good.

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How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Your Pregnancy

A special guest blog from Jonathon Harrelson

Keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy can have a lot of benefits, for both you and your baby.

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Taking a moment to pause

Remembering to remember our highest intentions

I’ve been reminded recently to see the highest in all of my endeavours.

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