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Setting my intention

Contemplating what pregnancy yoga offers

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to post anything on this side of the blog.

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Feeling a little cranky?

Maybe you're getting a message

I’ve been spending some time recently thinking about all of the symptoms which are associated with pregnancy and how yoga can help prevent them or soften their impacts when they occur.

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Nine months of preparation

A little more on why pregnancy yoga is different to other kinds of yoga

I like to point out that pregnancy yoga is different to general yoga.

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Creating connection with your baby

Using the gentle vibration of sound to nurture your baby in pregnancy

Hearing is the fourth sense which develops in the womb. That’s why it’s incredibly comforting to new borns to hear the sound of their parents’ voices.

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Help to bring you back to you

Some yoga mudras to bring you more awareness and back to centre

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Secret pelvic floor exercises

Creating elasticity in your pelvic floor

OK, here’s the thing: when a baby is going inside you, it stretches your uterus. When you birth your baby, it stretches all of your pelvic floor muscles. I’m sure you realise there are consequences to this!

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The power of the positive

Using positive visualisations for you and your baby during your pregnancy

Visualisations can be so powerful through all stages of your pregnancy and postnatally.

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