Feeling a little cranky?

Maybe you're getting a message

pregnancyyogarickmansworth3I’ve been spending some time recently thinking about all of the symptoms which are associated with pregnancy and how yoga can help prevent them or soften their impacts when they occur.

I’m not intending to go through all of them here but rather consider how in general doing some yoga will help meet the physical stuff which comes up for us when we’re pregnant
For starters I’d like to reframe the idea of symptom because it sounds a little like we’re sick. Think of it this way: if you’re pregnant you’re body’s doing a truly miraculous thing, it’s growing a new life so it’s pretty understandable if it’s a bit niggly from time to time. If it’s not complaining, offer a silent prayer of thanks and amazement to your body which can do all this in its stride.

That’s the thing about yoga. First we look to the body as a fantastic thing and not just when it’s pregnant. Think about what your liver does every single moment just to keep you moving, it’s very cool. And yes, it gets cranky sometimes so instead of treating it like a car that’s broken down can we instead think of it as a little message to us and ask what it’s saying. It’s usually right, whatever it is.

Then the different practices that we do when we’re well will also help us to feel better when we’re not so well. Because, and this is the cool thing, the more we practice yoga the more aware we’ll become of those messages and the more tools we’ll have in our toolkit when it’s trying to tell us something.

And that goes beyond pregnancy, it helps you bond with your baby so you can intuit all those noises and help your new bundle of joy when they're feeling cranky too.

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