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The analogy of the lotus in pregnancy

I love the analogy of the lotus in all things yogic.

I particularly love it when I apply it to pregnancy because it seems to fit so perfectly. The placenta as the root, providing nourishment and life to your baby, the thing that you share and communicate through. The umbilical chord as the long stem, which grows up through the water or, in this case, amniotic fluid. And finally, your baby his or herself, as the flower. The sweetly unfurling blossom with cannot be forced open but reveals itself in its own time.

What I love it to practice this way because it really connects us and makes real the life, which is growing inside. We can mimic the roots with standing firmly through our legs, the stem as our spine stretching and growing and our whole body gradually opening and expanding.

Try these poses:
Standing at a wall - Stretch your arms up the wall, stand strong in your feet, finger tip your hands up and towards each side like a lotus beginning to grow out of the water.

Standing in the room - Stand strong through your feet, stretch your arms overhead and wriggle your fingers a little high without losing the connection through your feet. Breathe deeply.

Sitting - Sit comfortably, let your sit bones descend through the floor and your spine lengthen. Every inhale get taller through your spine, every exhale root more through your sit bones.

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