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Learning to find and trust our intuition during pregnancy, labour and beyond

intuitionIt's one of the eternal challenges as a teacher. I can't make anyone do anything. Nor can I know anymore than you do what kind of pregnancy or birth experience you're going to have. That, however, is the yoga, not to mention, life. We don't know, there is no certainty, in anything. So what then is the point of doing any of the practices. I guess I ought to attempt to answer that or things could get a little awkward. Like I can't give anyone a particular experience, I can't give myself my own experience either. Otherwise I'd be on a desert island somewhere I guess. However, what I do know is that the day I stopped looking outside of myself and judging myself on the experience I was having as if it was some kind of punishment or reward I got a whole load happier. That's what I try and offer people who are pregnant, well all of my students infact. The ability to be their own guide. Because when it comes down to it you are you and I am me and whilst I will offer my love and best support I am not you. And nor would you want me to be. We'd have to share shoes and that would in no way work for me. It's work to trust your intuition, it's practice to learn tools and techniques, it's faith then to let it all go and know that it will be exactly as it's meant to be. A desert island perhaps.

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