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We have a fancy word for positive thinking in yoga, it's called a mantra. You've probably heard of itMantramain. It's a simple practice and so, one of my favourites. There are so many beautiful mantras that I turn to time and again to give myself a lift but when I was pregnant, they took on a whole new role.

We never really know what's coming. We don't know how we're going to be, think or feel as new mothers. And often this changes, day by day, second by second or... more often. So we have a choice when we start the downward drag of our negative thought patterns. We can get pulled in, worry about what we cannot know, binge watch one born every minute and obsessively checking which fruit our baby is the size of this week.

Don't get me wrong, knowledge is power and I encourage all women to become pregnancy geeks. What I'm advocating is balance. On a deeper level we know we can do this, we know that this is what we're designed to do. That we are following a long lineage of women who have walked this path before us and who's experience holds and supports us throughout this whole, spiralling journey.

This is where mantra comes in. At its core it's a positive phrase, repeated over and over to help give us a little space from our internal dialogue of doing and fretting. They are often in traditional languages because those languages are designed to be carried in our memories and in our cells. But they can be in our mother tongue. Whatever speaks to you. It's your body, your pregnancy and your baby. When we take this wisdom back into our very being, our experience changes, grows, blossoms and blooms.

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