What's the big deal about the breath anyway?

We talk a lot about the breath in yoga, a digger deep into what all the fuss is about

breathingI have a very dedicated yoga student who recently said to me that the more he practices the more the practice comes back to the breath. When you're newly pregnant you're often also new to yoga and in general, like most of us, haven't paid much attention to the breath for a while.
During a general lifespan, finding the breath is like finding a best friend who never leaves you and always tells you just as it is. When you're pregnant this new-found friend takes on a whole new role, they are the sustainer and guide who emerge right when you need them.

In pregnancy, like yoga poses, there are things we don't do. Traditionally the breath is a tool to move deeper into a deeper connection with the present. And to this end we literally, deliberately and skilfully restrict the breath. It is what it's Sanskrit name, pranayama, means; to harness the life force. This is a wonderful journey at any point in our life and it will be there for us once this relatively short 40+- weeks are over.

What we have when we're pregnant, however, is something extremely potent. We have a toolkit. A box of goodies we can dip into when we're tired, stressed, in pain, scared, joyful, abundant, sweet and all things in between. The breath is not something to hold back on at this point but drink in and enjoy.

The breath is ours, it is our guide on this journey and our friend. And a good friend is there for you no matter what and especially when it gets tough.

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