Asking for help

What happens when we ask for help

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I smirk at the absurdity of it all. The thing I need to learn is the thing I most strongly rail against until the lesson is so shoved in my face I can do nothing but surrender.

That's because it feels like giving up, allowing whatever it is to wash over as I lay as flaccid as limp seaweed. And that doesn't feel good.

My friend was telling us how she managed to get one baby, herself and all the associated baggage onto a plane. Think Buckeroo and you won't be far off. At one point, someone asked if she needed help. Of course not, she can handle it. But no, actually, after a second's thought, she took it.

We all agreed of course, we can take help when it's offered. We'd do exactly the same were the roles reversed.

Thirty seconds later Anna puked. Immediately I leapt for my changing bag, ten feet away instead of asking a spare adult to pass it. Another friend passed me a wet wipe.

Asking for help is not that easy.

But when we do we make a connection with another human, a nod to each other that things can be tough and we’re better in it together.

Posted in 2015

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