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Blog smallThere is a relentlessness to having a newborn which feels endless and unchanging. There is a lot which is mundane about the whole thing, often the shape of the days - and nights - feel painfully routine. There are also moments of total bliss, when the world lights up for a moment. Those times are magical but without the mundane would never happen. 

That's like everything else in life and you'll particularly notice it if you practice yoga for a long time. Much of it too is mundane: getting up, practicing, getting frustrated with some poses or aspects of the practice, savouring others, watching, watching, watching the breath. Then, occasionally, without warning or logic something magical will happen: you'll find your way into a new pose, you'll delayer another level of the breath, you'll release your grip on a nagging thought which has been plagueing you for years.

I believe this is the biggest challenge there is in yoga. Especially, if like me, most of your practice is rolling out your mat at home, you'll know you've added another level of the mundane. The only way to keep going is to accept that much of what you're doing is routine and there is a simple pleasure in just knowing you're doing some good for yourself, even if that good isn't always tangible. Then takes those sparks of deliciousness when they arrive and enjoy them completely, you earned them.

Anna is smiling now, it's magic every time.

Posted in 2015

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