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IMG 2606-2 smallI think Eckhart Tolle has written the beautifully and lucidly about what it means to live in the moment. When life is a series of actions to be ticked off as complete in order to get to some imagined destination we miss the essence. We may do this for many reasons but fundamentally it's because we're putting some kind of value on what we're doing. We're pre-programmed as humans to do this. Our brains are processing thousands of pieces of data at any one time, sending it through our nervous system to give our body some signal to react. This is amazing, we are amazing. Sometimes, though, it's as if this mechanism goes into over drive and that's when we miss the moment.

As I spend these first precious weeks with our new daughter, this is been brought into much greater clarity. I'm not teaching at all and practicing asana only when I have a window of opportunity. And whilst I miss these practices and relationships they brought me terribly, I know they will return when they are meant to. My life has slowed to another soul's pace. A sweet soul who only lives only in the moment and my only job is to do my best to join her there. I am beginning to understand what Pattabhi Jois meant when he said that parenthood was the seventh series!
This was all brought home to me when I saw the images from a photoshoot we had this week. Of course I know Anna has a thousand expressions already that communicate a thousand things I am slowly beginning to interpret. However, in the course of a day, I see them only fleetingly, a brief moment. If I'm  not present, it's gone and I've missed the message. 
With the fixed image of a photo the moment is held in time, heartbreakingly fleeting. I know she has already changed in the few short days since they were taken, such is the rapidity of growth in these early weeks.
So whilst it is tempting to want to rush through to the first smile or back to an inversion or teaching a class. In this moment is the yoga and it is only for a moment.

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