At peace, for now

Practice waxes and wanes like the moon

PeaceSmLife gets tricky, I have a constant need to be with my little girl and savour each moment because I know it could be the last time, or the first time she does something. And on the other hand, I am still me, and I need to keep myself connected to that. To allow myself space and time to touch in once in a while.

Being ok with that is a tough one. Iyengar famously said that practice waxes and wanes like the moon.The fact is that, there will always be something to drag me away from yoga. And by yoga I really mean a moment or two to slow down and reconnect with me, to throw aside the many roles I play almost hourly. I generally do that by busting out a yoga shape or two but equally by standing barefoot on grass or watching ants with Anna.

And that's it. There is a peace to be found no matter what and the fact that life is crazy, is even more reason to find it. I can go weeks without doing yoga and it has nothing to do with how busy I am. It's just that, for whatever reason, I'm not into it. And at other times, nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop me.

I guess that's what Iyengar meant with the waxing and the waning. It is what it is and the more we resist the more we are looking the other way when things change and it takes us a while longer to catch up. It is all within us.

Everything will change, each moment will pass, am I alert enough to notice. In all this is my practice.

Posted in 2016

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