Summer time and the living is easy

Reaching towards freedom a little more

FreedomSomething magical happens when the days get a fraction longer and the sun gets a fraction brighter. Suddenly leaving the house involves throwing on a pair of flipflops and walking out of the door. Lunch is sitting in the garden, listening to the insects. Getting out of bed is a little easier with a stream of brightness coming through the window. Everything which we hoped and dreamed in the winter seems a little closer, a little bit more attainable.

With this boost from nature it feels like there is nothing stopping me. Coming into a time where there's a fraction more space, a fraction more freedom it feels like bliss. This is all the more sweet after a winter of intensity and at times, feeling downright trapped and unable to move in any direction. With all that, I really feel it when gaps open up, when space becomes available. So rather than rush out to fill it up again, I'm trying to enjoy and savour it.

With that in mind, this is what I'm focusing on in my practice this week.

First find the core of your body without boundary, let go of anything which is getting in the way of that clear line of consciousness. From there stretch right to the ends of your fingers and your toes. When we move away from this safe place, as we must if we are to feel complete, we allow ourselves to experience true freedom, unbounded by misperception or fear. It is from that knowledge that we grow to know ourselves a little more and more into the world as our best self more frequently.

Posted in 2016

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