Time warp

What happens when time warps

sunshineSome days I wake up and realise every minute is allocated, then seemingly three seconds later I'm collapsed on the sofa wondering what happened. Then some days I watch the second hand of a clock meander to the next minute and the next and the next until my eyes go crossed and I feel like I'm about to drop off into a snooze.

The reality is: a second is a second, a minute is a minute and an hour is an hour. There's sod all we can do about it. So something else must be going on. If we're constantly filling our time or indescribably bored time warps and becomes something else. We've become a slave to the clock and forgotten it's actually a tool.

How to reset, when this starts to happen?

Spread your toes and press through the underside of your toe-nuckles, root through the outer edge of your foot until the arch lifts, then send weight down through your heels. Notice that this focus takes you into a deeper level of concentration and lengthens the breath without you thinking. Close your eyes and let everything except those three points melt away. Just for a moment allow yourself to be suspended in time, a drip of awareness into a fuller moment.

Posted in 2016

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