Birth preparation workshops



Our birth preparation workshops are for mums and birth partners. We spend time to learn tools and techniques specifically focused around labour and childbirth.




You will learn specific things which will support you and your birth partner as you prepare for the big day! 

Our intention for this workshop is to help you to relax knowing you’ve already done a lot to help you with childbirth and to help you set a positive intention for labour. We also want to give you tools and techniques which engage the senses and help you to follow your own intuitive intelligence. In addition, this was a time for dad to have some things to help on the day to support you.

What we cover

  • Creating a positive birth experience
  • The labour circuit and positions for birth
  • What partners can do
  • Birthing breath, sounds, the journey of the baby through the womb & pain


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    London and Home Counties


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